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Sintez, Open Corporation

Sintez, Open CorporationIn the year of 2008, Sintez, a Kurgan-Based Joint-Stock Company for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices (Sintez, Open Corporation), celebrated 50 years of its operation on the market of pharmaceutical products.

This company is a Top 10 Russian manufacturer of pharmaceutical substances and manufactures over 200 pharmaceutical products and devices in the amount of over 2.0 billion RUR per year.

This company employs advanced technologies and uses vast experience and high qualifications of its employees to manufacture top-quality products.

FarmStandart Companies

FarmStandart CompaniesFarmStandart is a leader of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. According to the Pharmexpert Marketing Research Center, FarmStandart was No. 1 in the retail segment in the year of 2008 and No. 2 among all pharmaceutical companies and is the only Russian-based company which is among top 10 companies on the Russian pharmaceutical market.


BIOKHIMIK, OPEN CORPORATIONThis company, a major manufacturer of drug products in Russia, was established in 1959 and is among top 5 manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. Nowadays, Biokhimik manufactures over 100 drug products, including antibiotics, anticancer agents, blood-plasma replacement solutions, intravenous nutrients, diuretics, anesthetics, blood preservatives, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and sulfanilamides.


BIOSINTEZ, OPEN CORPORATIONPenza Plant for Pharmaceutical Products was established in 1959. Its main activity is to manufacture pharmaceutical substances by applying the microbiological synthesis method. In addition to pharmaceutical substances, as early as in 1961, the product range was extended with finished drug products (tablets), and manufacturing facilities for infusion solutions and packaging facilities for injection powders were set up in 1971. In 1986, production of insulin-based products was launched; production of heparin-based products was set up in 1989. Due to such a product variety, the company was reorganized into a drug-manufacturing complex in 1987; in November 1992, it became known as Biosintez, Open Corporation.

Veropharm Companies

Veropharm CompaniesIt is a leading Russian-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical products well-known both in Russia and overseas as a major Russian manufacturer of generic drug products (equivalents of well-known patent-protected drug products), anticancer drugs, and adhesive bandages. VEROPHARM was established on January 21, 1997. The VEROPHARM manufacturing facilities include three plants: the Voronezh Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant, the Belgorod Manufacturing Company for Finished Drug Products, and the Pokrovsky Plant for Finished Drug Products. Nowadays, these plants have a total manufacturing capacity of 625 million tablets and capsules, 10 million ampoules, 468 million adhesive bandages, and 40 million vials per year. According to the Pharmexpert Marketing Research Center, VEROPHARM is No. 3 among Russian-based manufacturers according to its production volume. According to IMS HEALTH, VEROPHARM is No. 8 among TOP 10 Manufacturers of Anti-Cancer Drug Products according to Revenues based on the results for the first nine months in the year of 2009. However, VEROPHARM is still No. 1 among TOP 10 Manufacturers of Anti-Cancer Drug Products according to Production Volume.

SIA International, Closed Corporation

SIA International, Closed CorporationIt is a major Russian-based distributor of pharmaceutical products. It is focused on sales of drug products, pharmaceutical devices, and parapharmaceutical products to pharmacies and healthcare facilities in Russia. It is the company which has purchased, warehoused, and sold to customers approximately a quarter (about 23 percent) of all drug products used by Russian residents. It has been on the market of drug products for over 15 years, continuously develops, and has had a consistent image of a reliable partner with huge capabilities. The company cooperates with 875 vendors and manufacturers of drug products worldwide and is an owner/co-owner of three Russian-based plants. SIA INTERNATIONAL LTD. delivers drug products to over 28,000 pharmacies and healthcare facilities in Russia.

STADA, Germany

STADA, GermanyIt is the first Russian-based holding company, STADA CIS, in STADA, an international pharmaceutical concern. There are three business areas in this new holding company: the product-portfolio development by STADA PharmDevelopment, product-portfolio promotion (marketing and sales) by STADA Marketing in Russia, and production by NIZHFARM, a Nizhny Novgorod-based company, by MAKIZ-FARMA, a Moscow-based company, and by SKOPINFARM, Ryazan region.

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