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CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce)

CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce)Our company has been maintaining professional and mutually beneficial contacts with the China Chamber of Commerce for several years.

Functions of the China Chamber of International Commerce are similar to those for Chambers of Commerce in European countries and in Russia. For the recent decades, the Government of China has delegated trade-development authorities to the China Chamber of International Commerce because the governmental control in this segment has been acknowledged to be inefficient for development of the China economy.

At the moment, the China Chamber of International Commerce is a non-governmental organization but continues to implement the governmental quality control policy for products exported from China.

Chinese-based companies still conduct most of their international trade transactions through the China Chamber of International Commerce. For the recent years, requirements have become stricter for Chinese-based companies which export their products to other countries; such stricter requirements are to support the China image on the international market.

In general, industrial companies of China are members of various unions and business associations according to their business areas. Such unions and associations cooperate with local representative offices of the China Chamber of International Commerce to promote their products both in other regions of the country and overseas. Chinese-based companies get a lot of information required for promotion of their products through the China Chamber of International Commerce.

If companies have products whose quality does not meet certain criteria, then the China Chamber of International Commerce does not promote such companies on the international markets.

Since our Chinese partners are so responsible and detail-oriented regarding strict NC Pharm requirements, it has allowed us to conduct negotiations and enter into long-term contracts to deliver top-quality pharmaceutical substances into Russia and other C.I.S. countries.

SFDA (China State Food and Drug Administration)

SFDA (China State Food and Drug Administration)NC Pharm is interested in developing an interaction pattern which ensures compliance of the product imported with the efficiency and safety standards by implementing a quality control system at all stages of the manufacturing process. It applies to all drug products and pharmaceutical substances and includes new requirements for registration and certification of pharmaceutical products, suggestions for information-exchange optimization, simplification of access to manufacturing facilities, and a number of suggestions focused on quality, efficiency, and safety improvement for pharmaceutical products manufactured in the People's Republic of China.

The China State Food and Drug Administration includes:

• The National Institute for Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products
• Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission
• Center for Drug Evaluation
• Center for Drug Certification
• National Committee on Assessment of Protected Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products
• Center for Drug Re-Evaluation
• National Center for Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring
• Medical-Device Technical Evaluation Center.

All of the above organizations report to the SFDA and are responsible for standard tests, for development of test procedures, for the purity of test-animal lines, for research on standardization, for technical evaluation of drug master files, and for monitoring of adverse drug reactions.

In addition, there are 19 national drug-control organizations, 33 drug-control organizations in provinces which act within their jurisdiction for testing, re-testing, individual tests, tests during registration of new drug products, and tests during annual random control and which develop national drug-quality standards as well as 325 local (municipal) drug control organizations which test the samples and run individual tests within their jurisdiction.

Promo Med

Promo MedThis company promotes both generic brand products on the Russian market and original drug products manufactured at Russian pharmaceutical plants pursuant to GMP standards. Only the company team of healthcare representatives promotes such drug products. The company closely monitors development of the Russian pharmaceutical market and identifies the most promising segments.

Nowadays, Promo Med is an innovating, growing, and flexible company which quickly reacts to challenges or demands on the modern pharmaceutical market and is focused on reaping the best benefits for its investors and partners.



CHEMOIt is a major European company. It manufactures pharmaceutical substances for drug products.

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