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Product Quality

The top priority in the pharmaceutical industry is the drug-product quality assurance at every life-cycle stage of the drug product.

When comprehensive industry standards are implemented in Russia for drug products, it will allow to guarantee the customer the efficiency and safety of products purchased. The main NC Pharm objective has become the top quality of pharmaceutical substances supplied onto the market. We are proud that pharmaceutical-market players have appreciated our efforts to ensure the top quality of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Of course, our activities in this area are performed in cooperation with our main partners.

The NC Pharm QA Program is currently unique to the Russian market of pharmaceutical substances.

To prevent deliveries of low-quality/counterfeit pharmaceutical raw materials is our contribution to global healthcare efforts.

Our company has implemented the Comprehensive Purity Control Program for products supplied. Our corporate QA/QC procedure allows to guarantee compliance of all pharmaceutical substances with applicable international standards and Russian regulations. All pharmaceutical substances are accompanied by manufacturer's Quality Certificates and Test Reports issued by independent laboratories certified by the Russian Ministry of Health.

Annual audits are conducted at drug-product manufacturer's facilities pursuant to applicable international standards; it has allowed us to win the confidence of our partners. The compliance throughout the entire manufacturing cycle and cooperation with international auditing partner companies allow a continuous monitoring of the product conformance to applicable quality standards for pharmaceutical substances.

We do our best to make a valuable contribution to development of an innovative Russian pharmaceutical market. We create the future Russian pharmacy today.

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