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NC Pharm is a specialized logistics provider which offers comprehensive logistics services for pharmaceutical companies pursuant to international and Russian quality standards.

The NC Pharm warehouses meet the strictest storage requirements established by major international manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances and products.

A computer-based warehouse management system (WMS) has been implemented. Appropriate conditions have been created for all product-handling processes – from product acceptance to the warehouse, storage, and processing to the product shipping. Storage conditions (the air temperature and humidity) are monitored constantly; there are a fire alarm system and a setting-deviation alarm system.

Leasing of our warehouse areas means:

  • Warehouse areas of 500 m2 or more
  • Attractive prices and favorable terms
  • Near the DON federal highway
  • Excellent condition of access roads and internal road interchanges
  • 24-hour attended area and access control
  • Handling machinery and advanced warehouse equipment
  • Non-stop operation of water supply and sewerage systems
  • Power supply system
  • Security and fire alarms.
NC Pharm offers the following logistics services:
  • Warehouse Logistics:
    • Reliable storage of pharmaceutical/parapharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical equipment, and consumables
    • Setting up and maintaining a drug warehouse in the customer's name
    • Setting up warehouses for drug products used in clinical studies
    • Deliveries of drug products from the overseas and their shipping within the Russian Federation.
  • Shipping Services:
    • Setting up comprehensive international, long-distance, and local shipping/logistics services by using different shipping options
    • Liability insurance and protection on the entire route.
  • Customs Procedures:
    • Temporary drug-storage warehouse licensed pursuant to applicable pharmaceutical-industry regulations
    • Comprehensive customs-clearance services
    • Customs-clearance services, including an electronic product declaration for customs authorities
    • Sampling of drug products
    • Representation of customers' interests at customs authorities
    • Domestic customs transit, including airports.
    • Quality Control at Independent Laboratory Certified by GosStandart and Federal Supervisory
  • Agency in Health Care and Social Development:
    • Advanced high-tech test equipment
    • Express quality tests for drug products, pharmaceutical substances, and food supplements.
  • Product Licensing: for finished drug products and pharmaceutical substances.
  • Extra Services:
    • Making up sets of drug products for promotion campaigns
    • Extra product packaging, labeling, and stickering
    • Recycling of drug products deteriorated
The Northern Domodedovo terminal is located on the largest logistics premises in Russia.
  • Highway M4: five lanes in each direction.
  • 15 minutes away from the Moscow Bypass Motor Road (MKAD).
  • Railroad.
  • Warehouse areas of grade A.
  • Operation area: 20,000 m2.
  • Capacity: 25,000 pallets.
  • Effective height: 12 m.
  • Automatic-control gate with hydraulic ramps.
  • Attended parking.
  • Any temperature setting between +2Cº and +25Cº.

Phone: +7 (495) 984 7579 E-mail: info@ncpharm.ru